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Brand story

A new name. A proud heritage.

You may know us as Dongli, a respected cashmere manufacturer proudly based in Chifeng, a city where two worlds meet: a modern, progressive China and the ancient nomadic culture of Mongolia.

Now we have woven the threads of the land,the people, the past and the future together.

As simple, honest and elegant as our garments, the name Dongli reflects that our cashmere is rare and precious, a gift from the earth for which we have immense gratitude and respect. Made from the world’s finest cashmere wool delicately combed from the bellies of young Arbas goats, it is highly prized for its incredibly soft, incredibly warm fleece.

           The world’s finest cashmere, woven from the history of our land.

          There is nowhere on earth like Mongolia. Where the lands of the eternal blue sky, the immense mountain peaks, the dramatic extremes of the seasons, and the fierce contours of the landscape have have been intrinsically woven together since the beginning of time.

          And there is no other people like the Mongolian people. Molded by the challenges of the land and the past, they are hard-working yet warm-hearted, resilient yet unconstrained. They are the people of the everlasting fire, who warmly welcome guests from other lands to the hearth of their homes.

         Equally, there is no cashmere on earth like Dongli. From Mongolia’s harsh and beautiful land, we are proud to bring you the softest, finest, most exceptional cashmere in the world.

          Uncompromising quality from an incomparable land.

         Dongli stands for uncompromising quality. It’s in all that we do. And in all that we make.

         Created with a million threads and thousands of stitches, every garment is exquisitely crafted by hundreds of gentle hands: delicate, honest and extraordinary hands, with the utmost care and attention to detail. For we believe that the only thing that is good enough for our customers is perfection itself.

        We warmly invite you to wear and treasure your Dongli garment, forever. For each piece is beautiful, enduring, incomparable: just like the land that created it

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