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Chifeng Dongrong Cashmere Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongrong Group) locates in the scenic Chifeng Hongshan Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 198,600㎡, with a construction area of 48,000㎡. Dongrong Group including: Chifeng Dongrong Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., Chifeng Dongli Cashmere Products Co., Ltd., Chifeng Dongshengyi Textile Co., Ltd., Chifeng Dongli Cashmere Device Co., Ltd., Linxi Dongde Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. and Chifeng Sunrise Fukaki Cashmere Co., Ltd.. “Dongli” is our own brand.
Over the years, Dongrong Group focuses on the research and development of cashmere products, closely embraces the leading industries and competitive products, and has become a modern upgraded production and processing enterprise of cashmere products with the international advanced level. Today, as the modern leading enterprise, Dongrong Group has about 1,000 staffs, amd annually processes and produces 500-ton dehaired wool. We have the ability to produce 300-ton yarns, 800,000 cashmere sweaters and 300,000 cashmere scarves annually.
Dongrong Group now has total assets of 557 million yuan. We mainly engaged in cashmere acquisition, processing and production of washed cashmere, carding of dehaired wool, spinning, production of cashmere sweaters and cashmere scarves, and research and development of cashmere carding equipment. Our products are sold to Italy, Switzerland, Britain, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. The operational characteristics of Dongrong Group are using green agricultural and animal products as raw materials, integrating the scattered agricultural and animal resources, developing independent and unique high quality products basing on the traditional national breeding industry, focusing on the construction of an industry system with joint interest between farmers and herdsmen and enterprise, and producing and processing high-end fashionable cashmere clothing and apparel with valuable and rare cashmere resources to supply domestic and foreign markets. Following the business philosophy of “strict quality control, and observing contracts and keeping promises”, Dongrong Group has developed into a medium-sized cashmere textile processing enterprise from a little-known small business, and it has become the leading enterprise of new cashmere products with high quality, strict management, good reputation, professionalization and industrialization in eastern Inner Mongolia. Since 2001, Dongrong Group has been awarded with titles of "export advanced enterprise of Chifeng City", "four major export base construction leading enterprise", "industrial enterprise with high profits and taxes of Chifeng City", "top 50 private enterprises of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", "major leading enterprise of agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization in autonomous region level", "credible and law-abiding advanced enterprise of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", "top 30 autonomous regional leading enterprises of industrialized operation in agricultural and animal husbandry", "top 50 enterprises in China cashmere industry during the Twelfth Five-year", " enterprise with A-level tax-paying credit of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region", and "advanced collective of national business system" by people's governments at all levels and relevant departments.
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